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Is God Still Blessing America ? 21 Aug 2019

Psalm 3312: "Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord; and the people whom he has chosen for his own inheritance."
God has certainly blessed America in many ways. Abundant natural beauty can be found across this country, including tropical beaches, green valleys, rich farmland, towering mountains, and the great plains.
We have godly heritage, Fifty-two of the original 55 founding fathers who wrote our Constitution were Christians, and they established our country on "In God We Trust" values
Our Land is blessed with natural resources, including water, oil, ore and fertile farms land.
America's free enterprise system allows almost anyone the opportunity to rise from poverty to wealth. Imaginative entrepreneurs have created all kinds of inventions to improve our lives. Compared to other nations in the world, the United States has a high standard of living, and we enjoy the liberty to speak our minds, worship as we choose, and live undisturbed, private lives.
Our spiritual heritage is strong. We have been blessed with intellectual spiritual giants, through the years, pastors, evangelists and Bible teachers have sustained in godly heritage.
Why should God bless America now as he has? I believe the reason is  that he intends for us to influence the nations of the world. Not only are we an example of liberty and democracy, but we also have the resources and the manpower to take the gospel around the world-and in may respects, the Church has done just that, But what about the country as a while??
But look at how America's Response: Sadly we have taken God's hand of blessing for granted declining to bless him in return
Remover prayer from school-Legalized the murder of our unborn children--Tolerated all types of sexual immorality in our elected officials-Allowed sex and violence  to dominate our TV, internal and movies. Exported pornography all over the world -Our kids minds are warped  over Iphone Computers and don't know what real fun is. And most of all use our hard-earned  tax dollars to bride dictators who have been turned around and attacked our country. Tolerated liberalism from spiritual leader who doubt the inerrancy of the Bible- Changed the King James Bible 16 11 to their life style or thinking, and the LBGT  staring to come forth as leaders of this nation. In others words we are telling God your principles no longer matter to us, we don't you.
Why has God withheld his judgement for so long. I believe that there are enough godly people who cry out to Him on behalf of this country. But this nation cannot stay on this course and expect God to keep on blessing it
" Do not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this will he reap" (Gal 6:7). This verse many be for a individual, the principles applies to nations. This law says we reap what we sow, more that we sow, and later than we sow
       In other words , we mat currently be harvested all the consequences of our rebellion, but that doesn't mean our nation will never be called to account. God has chosen to bless this nation in the past, but soon reckon time is coming
        Jer. 18:9-10 " And  at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and plant it. If it do evil in my sight, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them
We cannot continue on our current path without reaping God's judgement and unless something changes, our grandchildren will not have this freedom, prosperity and opportunities that we have today. As Christians we have the responsibility to live holy lives. We must speak against indecency, immorality, and unrighteous living.But most of all we must Share and tell other about the blood of Jesus Christ;
       Is there time for our nation to repent and turn back to God and sweep away the corruption in America, turn our country around and use her powerfully to make a global impact for His name. Maybe, just maybe, Will you be part of that turn around?


That Sneaky Old Snake 20 July 2019
      The marquee of a theater showed a man dressed as the devil because the current movie was about Satan. The man was dressed in red, had a long tail, pitchfork, and horns. A little girl, walking by with her mother, looked at the figure and was frightened, "What's that? ?" she asked her mother, "oh,' mother replied 'don't be afraid, that's only the devil."
          That is our world. Make the devil a caricature and he becomes less real, less frightening, and does he really exist? Hell and damnation are not on people's radar so they can live the life they want to.
Adam and Eve know the devil is all too real. He came to then in the form of a snake created by God. Do you ever think to yourself, "How could they be so dumb? They had perfection as husband and wife. No arguing about finances or who take out the garbage or where to take a vacation. Would have give in 9 chances out of 10 we would. Satan's temptation are hard to resist. That sneaky old snake is a forceful factor in the world. He can deceive and seduce the best the human race has to offer. Until Christ returns, this is our predicament Let's take him seriously.
Satan has several descriptions in the Scripture: Accuser, slanderer, adversary, enemy, opponent. Jesus called him a murderer, a liar and the the father of lies. The Catechism reminds us that the devil was once a holy angel but fell away from God. He an his cohorts were created holy, sinned and are forever rejected by God. And believe me they are great in number
That sneaky old snake still challenges and seduces. Talking snake? Are you serious? Who would be dumb enough to believe that? That's what some writer's way of explaining how this world will ended up as it is now?. Besides, do you believe Adam and Eve were real people and the only people in the world? That's just a way of describing the origins of the human race. Satan doesn't seduce today? Satan laughs and laughs if we think like that.
What he did in the garden was to get our first parents to doubt God's Word. He lies and tells them. The lying continues in our day. People brought in the church and know gods Word still think living together before marriage is okay and not a sin. Wake up! Satan is winning. He lies and tells men and women that gay marriage is not a sin and just about love, not unnatural relations as described in the bible. Wake ! Satan is winning. He slithers past us into the pulpits of America and into our homes saying we can be like God. Wake! Up Satan is winning. He turned Cain against Abel and he did quite the number on David and Bathsheba. No one is off limits. He even tried to seduce  Jesus
Be on guard, because he attacks all Christian, including you and me. The noose of sin strangles and suffocates. Take the sneaky old snake seriously. Adam and Eve didn't ans it cost them unto death. I', naked, where can I hid?
When writing on this, it reminds me make the message of hos to over come simplistic. Things like, "resist the devil assaults" Don't do what Adam and Eve did, be strong against the wily one." Does this work?
We need help, we need powerful, perfect help. We need the strongest of the strong. We need someone who can overcome the sneaky old snake. What's that? Someone did triumph over the devil. Someone dis resist and watched the devil walked away with his head in shame
Isn't the symmetry of the Scripture lessons beautiful this day? Christ met the foe and he slithered away. In his human nature he resisted the taunts and the goading and the challenge.  In His human nature He took the b\verbal punches and the subversive tactics Golgotha. There for all the world of sinners to see. He gave His life so that that sneaky old snake would be defeated. before His glorious resurrection, He took a trip to tell Satan that He has won. Satan would have his power but only what God would allow him to do and it would not last forever. Through the one man, fee grace and righteousness is ours. Grace reigns eternal. While Satan is winning small battle her, the Eternal One passes on the eternal victory to us.
To rest the sneaky old snake we need daily these reminders. Where are they found! In the Holy Bible. Jesus used it. Each time Satan came at Him he said "It is written' It is not enough to know the Scriptures so well you can quote them. Anyone-including Satan can do that.We must know what  the Scriptures say and what they mean for us.And we must believe their message.
Take the Snake seriously. He is not  some  goofball in a 10 cent tn a costume straight from a Hollywood back lot. He is a formidable for an his crafty and cunning seem to be working the world over.Remember Christ holds the power. Christ lived the  perfection. Christ is the ultimate snake handler and this belly crawling snake has met his match. Good riddance sneaky old snake-now crawl away from here. I've got Jesus watching over me!

The Clothes of Summer 7 June 2019

Well summer is almost here, School is out, the sun is shinning, and the beaches, pools, or wherever water you prefer us beckoning you, calling you, it's calling out "let go all your worries, go, and come down and lie beside me for awhile.
           Having said this, there will be plenty of people at these "watery locations with men, women, teenagers and children in in bathing suits that would make the fig leaf look like a raincoat. You may laugh at this if you want to. Go ahead it doesn't bother me. The truth always does  something  does people because they are the ones wearing those skimpy bikini, and by the way there are a lot of places that they actually go nude. And if you were walking on the beach in a shirt and pants you would be on of the few who they though was dressed funny. Why is that?
My point is I know a lot of people are going to disagree with my stance on the subject of modesty dress. All I want is my voice to be heard as to why I do what I do and then, you can agree or disagree.
We know from the bible (1Tim 2:9-10) that God wants us dress in modest apparel. I am aware that this principal  forbids overdressing as well as undressing. We also know that men are  (and many women to) usually are visually stimulated and can have very difficult times controlling their thoughts when something is put in their face. I understand that if a man or women cannot control their thoughts, then he or she is sinning (Matt 5:28). On the flip side, its or you pushing someone else to sin (Matt 18:70, Romans 14:13).
We cannot ignore that modesty  was called for in the Garden of Eden. After Adan and Eve sin the Bible said that'... the eyes of both were opened, and they knew they were naked.." Gen 3:7). The Bible goes on and says that they made coverings for themselves out of fig leaves. But it appeared that God was not please with the covering, so he made them clothing out of the skin of animals. I then personal believe that this shows that there is a point were we don't have enough clothes to please God with bikini's or slings, that he requires for modesty. The here comes the old question "What would Jesus do? But I am  here to ask a new question. What would you wear physically if Jesus was standing by you? I cannot answer that for you, but I cannot image anyone who professes to be a Christian standing with Jesus at the beach or pool in bikini or sling! Can you? The though makes me laugh-or cringe inside. I would also like to point out that Jesus is with all the time, and if you are a Christian brother or sister while you are almost naked, it is with Jesus mostly naked, because Jesus lives in you. (Gal 2:20)
    I have heard the argument that we can wear whatever we want because we have liberty in Jesus. I believe that we do have liberty in Jesus, but it should not be abused 1Peter 2:16 says... yet not using liberty as a clock for malicious (immoral conduct), but as servants of god." Also Gal. 5:13.. do not use liberty as an occasion for the flesh..."
As I close I would like to share one more thing. The Devil uses lust as his number one tool to destroy a marriage, a home and your soul. One lady e-mail me I guess you are against "mixed swimming"? I said yes I am unless it is family and that can become a concern. But most of all I am against any time of half nudity or nudity itself
I hope you have a wonderful Summer with Jesus. Just stray away from bikini's and slings or any else that  looks like nudity

Bomb Threat (13 May)

Arriving at work one morning a lady witnessed, what she believed was a terrorist sneaking into the building. As he fled, she passed her fellow workmates coming into the office and wondered if she should warn them. She hesitated and though "What if they don't believe me and nothing happens, how foolish I will feel, and if I speak out and am wrong, everyone will think I am and idiot". As she quietly agonized what to do, the office suddenly exploded into a great ball of fire.
Later the police took her statement. She told them everything she had witnessed. When the police asked why she did not warn her coworkers, she said weakly, "I was too embarrassed-I didn't think they would believe me and think me a fool."
The threat of judgement looms over all who have not Accepted God's gracious gift of salvation. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (John 3:36)
 If we as Christian believe there is a "hell" awaiting for those who do not accept God's gift by believing in Christ, we should quickly warn our family, friends and the world. If we are wrong, nothing will happen, but if we are right, there will be a judgement day, As it is appointed for men to dies once, but after this the judgement . (Hebrews 9:27)

While we are alive,we have a golden opportunity to spread the gospel of Salvation, not only to our loved ones, but to anyone who will listen. This is the commission God gave us.
Alternatively, if we keep quiet about our beliefs for fear of embarrassment or peer pressure, how will we feel on Judgement day if we if we witness friends and family being condemned to the Lake of fire? If they see we are saved form eternal damnation( by believing in Christ) and yell at us  "Why didn't you warn us, I too may have been saved? Won't you feel the cowardly friends if our only answer is, "I was too embarrassed, I didn't think you would believe me and label me a fool.?

For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)
































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