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The Overseer's of The Church of God from 1903-Present
These men of God have led or are leading The Church of God into an era  of Holy Ghost "Rain."  Church, let it "Rain", pray to the Lord for an awakening and  for the flood gates of heaven to open!
Acts 2:17 Tells us that our old men shall dream dreams and our young men will have visions!

What does this mean? Three of our past four General Overseers' had  "The Dream" as to what The Church of God was going to be, the "Old Men." Now the young men are taking the church with the VISION", under the the anointing of The Holy Ghost,
as Joel prophesied of. And then in Acts the same words were spoken. Before Brother Smith had gone onto his reward in glory, through the VISION of God he led the effort of restoring the "Mount Hattin" marker in Israel  and now an even YOUNGER man anointed of God is taking The Church of God with the same Godly VISION! Let us pray for Brother Pimentel and this task that he leads the entire Church of God what she has been commanded to do!  And that is............
Move forward, "Win the lost at all cost!" . Our marker in Israel is a Biblical  realization of lthe vision.....make it plain!"             
Mt. Hattin is where Christ set The Church in Order. The Marker below was placed on Mt. Hattin by The Church of God by permission of the Israeli Government. The five photos below are photographs of our past/current current General Overseers, A.J. Tomlinson, M.A. Tomlinson, Robert Pruitt, Stephen Smith and current General Overseer, Oscar Pemintel.

So glad  you  stopped  by to visit! We hope your time is filled with just what you need from God . I must ask though, what are you looking for? Better yet, who are you looking for? Looking for Jesus ? looking for peace? Looking for proof? Looking for peace of mind ? Looking for God? Looking for someone to talk to? That's okay. You don't have to tell us right away. We've got time.  Take all the time you need! What? you're no bother. Friends and people of all walks of life  come here all the time  to reflect on God. Maybe our reflections on God are similar to your experiences. This site is more than just a "lost and found"  place. If you've lost hope, maybe you can find  your "hope"  here! if your life  seems to have no rhyme or reason right now, maybe spending a little time here you will give  reason enough to ask Christ into your life  We hope so!  While you pray or read, enjoy the music the "Music Page". Come, See that God is Good! Please don't forget to leave your prayer requests or testimonies. Jesus is waiting to hear from you as are we. 

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1209 Sullivan Road Sumiton, Alabama 35148
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The Church of God, General Headquarters
Oscar Pimentel, General Overseer
P.O. Box 450 Charleston, Tennessee 37310
State  information
James Horne, State Overseer
P. O. Box 650
Bessemer, Alabama 35021

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A Word From The Pastor!

Our theme this 2017 year is "A Year of Prayer. We have taken 2017 as a time of Prayer. Prayer will cause a rain of God's power on His people. We then will be able to reach the lost, through the love of God that we show, through the Christlike spirit. We must win the lost at all cost. You have heard this "Talk is cheap." Well it is. We can no longer just Talk the Talk but it is time to stand up and Walk the Walk, the walk of Christ. We are to be HIS liaisons to help this world find salvation. We are to be Christ-like, thus the very meaning of a Christian. Time for the return of Savior is near, there is no time to waste. "For in an Hour you think not."
As you look at the photos above you see the past and present General Overseer's of The Church of God, 1903 to Present. God has done miracle upon miracle for The Church of God. The beauty of God's bride is so simple, so beautiful, so fantastic. It reminds me when I looked at my "Bride" in her wedding dress for the first time.....simply dynamic! We are witnessing the days of Joel. These past Overseer's have led us out of the "wilderness" and our last Overseer Brother Smith  and now our present General Overseer, Bishop Pimentel have/are preparing the Bride ready for the promised land.....The marriage supper of the lamb!
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Thomas has been  the victim of a lot of bad press. OK,so his reputation isn't bad as Judas, who betrayed Jesus. He might not rank with Peter,who denied Christ three time on the eve of His crucifixion. But Thomas is usually classed among the bad guys of the disciples, the twelve men who were the closest to Jesus during His three of ministry
Thomas owes that bad boy reputation to an incident following Jesus' resurrection. Jesus appeared to the disciple behind closed doors. But Thomas was not with them. When they told Thomas the news of Jesus resurrection, he replies "Unless I see the marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were and, put my hands into his side, I will believe." (John 20:25)
             When Jesus later appeared to Thomas,  the Lord said, ' Put your finger here, see my hands. Reach your hand and put in my side. Stop doubting and believe." (John 20:27)
Many people how ever when they read the those words come down hard on Thomas because of his doubt. In so doing, they forget that none of the other disciples believed until they too, had seen the evidence of the resurrection. Everyone else had already seen the evidence of His resurrection. Everyone else had already seen his hands and side. What's  more Jesus did not say to Thomas, "You should have never doubted," Instead  He showed His disciples and then they stopping doubting." And when Thomas  did see the evidence (the bible does not say whether he touched Jesus as he has insisted as necessary, He uttered one of the greatest confessions of faith in history, calling Jesus, "my Lord and my God!"
For some reason. we've let ourselves Thomas was the bad boy. Real Christians don't doubt we say. To me that is a myth
          Doubt is not the opposite of faith, it is the forerunner of faith. Doubt does not cancel faith, it should give away to faith. In fact in Thomas's case, doubt can be the impetus that leads one to the truth 
There is more faith is an honest doubt. Faith grows through seeking the truth, and the seeker must ask questions, and questioning implies "honest doubt." 
            The Thomas Myth that real Christian don't doubt, does not come form the bible. The lesson to learn  form Thomas's experience are that doubt  is natural,that we can be honest about our doubts, and that honest doubt should give way to faith when Jesus reveals the truth to us

The Simplicity of Salvation

Salvation has been confused with religion. Religion is worshiping something. Salvation is having Christ in your heart. Almost all people are  religious , but few be there that  find that "straight and narrow way that leads to  everlasting life. Salvation is the most expensive thing known to mankind, and yet it is the freest thing on earth. It is so plain that a child can understand it. A hobo in rags may have it for the asking. My! what a wonderful Salvation we have to offer to this sin-sick world
I'm glad " that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have  everlasting life."  I'm  glad it is " not whosoever feeleth a certain way has  a certain emotional experience-or he who tarries long and prays loud."
Salvation as I said before is the most expensive thing on earth because it cost Heaven the most precious gem there. It cost God His only Son. I don't really know how to appreciate the verse that tells God ao love the world that He gave His only begotten Son. God gave his son, the best He had-all He had. So it coast God all He had so that it was possible to obtain our salvation. And that is not all. It cost His Son, Jesus, all that he had to the last very drop of blood in His precious body. It cost Him , His place at the right hand of the Father. The ivory palaces were exchanged for a sheep shed and his foster father's carpenter shop. The sweet music of heaven and the angels were exchanged for the hisses and cutting remarks of the Pharisees-that Christ- hating gang of religionists.My ! what a price Jesus paid for salvation. The  he was nailed to the cross, but halleliuah He carried my and your sins with Him there.
Yes, Salvation is plain, simple and free: but it took Calvary with all it's suffering and shame to make this wonderful Salvation possible for poor sinners like you and I. No mortal can be free from their sins unless the cleansing blood of Jesus has been applied to their heart.
There are many ways to  a city. There are many routes to take, but there is only one way to get to get to the city of God. And that is God's way.  The Devil has built many side roads and tracks but they will all lead you to the region of the damned. Some of them are inviting. Some look good at the start,but the end of the side tracks of the Devil are wind up in hell.
            Jesus said "I am the way,  the truth and the life: No man cometh unto the Father but by me." There is the gospel in a  nutshell. If you are going to heaven you must know the way to God's celestial city there is only way , Jesus., "I am the way."
I am afraid that we as the church have organized, committeeized, and standaredized Christ out of our program, and He stands at the door knocking, seeking entrance, but He gets a cold shoulder. If some saints does shoe a sign of emotion and enthusiasm, a damper is put on immediately before fanticism tears up the program.
Frankly I think the Devil is sick of these little sissy, pammy-mammy sermons that preachers have substituted for the real Gospel. These sermons are aimed at nothing, therefore it hits nothing-nobody gets saved-nobody gets mad, not even the Devil. There was a time when souls would run to the altar, weeping over their sins. Has the Gospel lost it's power? NO! The gospel when preached in it's purity and simplicity, will still melt the heart of the stoney heart of a sinner. The trouble with most of the preaching today, we are trying to dynamite the boulders of sin with firecrackers sermons. When we should use the  Gospel of God's marvelous grace. Man;s ways changed. God 's has not. He's program is still the same.
Most modern preachers and Christians will set in front of their T.V. sets and  cry crocodile tears over some adulterer adulteress, fornications,  homosexual movies, but will not shed  one tear over poor souls dying and going to hell. If you ask me, they need another dip and i don't mean snuff. They need a plunge beneath the blood of Jesus. We are very excited about unimportant things of life in this fickle age. God help us to become concerned about the lost around us. Let us go back to the simplicity of life