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So glad  you  stopped by to visit! We hope your time is filled with just what you need from God . I must ask though, what are you looking for? Better yet, who are you looking for? Looking for Jesus ? looking for peace? Looking for proof? Looking for peace of mind ? Looking for God? Looking for someone to talk to? That's okay. You don't have to tell us right away. We've got time.  Take all the time you need! What? you're no bother. Friends and people of all walks of life  come here all the time to reflect on God. Maybe our reflections on God are similar to your experiences. This site is more of a "lost and found"  place. If you've lost hope, maybe you can find  your "hope"  here! if your life  seems to have no rhyme or reason right now, maybe spending a little time here you will give  reason enough to ask Christ into your life  We hope so!  While you pray or read, enjoy the music the "Music Page". Come, See that God is Good! Please don't forget to leave your prayer requests. Jesus is waiting to hear from you as are we.

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A Word from the Pastor!
Welcome to 2015! What does that bring? Another step closer to the rapture of the church. Have you made any New Year resolutions. Let me share some thing that Leonard Shepard wrote in our monthly publication back in 1997.

I will follow and serve Christ with all might.

I won't ever turn back nor from His way will I part.

I will share my testimony with everyone I can.

I won't fail as a witness, and I will as I can be.

I won't make excuses or complain about what I'm asked to do.

I will be a light and proclaim that Jesus is the only way.

I won't neglect to pray or read my Bible everyday.

I will share what I have to those who are in need.

I won't take part in wrong doing.

I will be a good servant and in earnest to my utmost.

I won't me slothful in expectation to the heavenly Host.

I will not take for granted for the blessings I
have received.

I won' ever forget the prayers God has answered for me.

I will pray pray for others and lift them up when they are down.

I won't go around daily and complain and wear a frown.

I will be an example and my life to the best.

I won't crumble and falter when I am tested.

I will take care of myself and show love to all 
I meet.

I won't let earthly things hinder my duty to God.

I will work on my faults so I can soar on and reach perfection in the eyes of God.

I won't let salvation appear as a myth and nothing more, but be vigilant to prove salvation is real only through Christ.

I will begin to live immediately as Christ would have me live, because I am concerned with my fate.

I wont' wait until tomorrow because it might be to late.

What  Great New Years resolutions!!!!

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Dead Flies Tell No Tales 20 Feb 2015

Ecclesiastes 10: 1 "Dead flies  cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is reputation for wisdom and honour."  

Have you every enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant  or at a friends house and suddenly you see a fly floating around in the soup, or a cockroach  with his antennas and feelers lying hidden underneath a Taco in a Mexican restaurant? I can imagine! Can you  continue enjoying the meal with such a painted picture in your min? No way!! I was visiting a friend one day and After the meal, I was served some ice tea, As i was drinking I noticed a big old horse fly floating around inside of it. I didn't want to hurt feelings so I finished drinking the ice tea and the horsefly was in my mouth. I slowing take my hand a place him in the napkin. They ask me did I want more tea. You already knew my answer.. I felt sick at my stomach  the rest of the time that I was there.
                   In the same manner, God faces such situations as Christians of different degrees present themselves before the Lord. This generation care less over their presentation even before the Lord.. Today, we find men and women in church-service dressed awfully as if to tell others "See', we are around!" Ladies in mini-skirts-see me through dresses, skin tight, I might add! and those funny looking high that look like the ones the Roam soldiers wore  in the day of Christ( you just take a glimpse at the feet in skin-tight dresses and you will get the picture. At times the praise and worship leader should burst into the song..'there something new today in the house of the Lord.," I have myself have been in service where the perfume the lady was wearing that a mist was send through out the whole church and kept the congregation sneezing!. I know one instance where a lady was ask by another lady to move to an opposite pew because she was exposing herself tot he amazement of the men and women on the stage. I for one, depict, such deplorable sight. It is a shame that a women to present herself with that ungodly low cut blouses and high hem lines so that the congregation can see "raise Standards". It okay also a big shame for ministers who think is okay for men to wear earrings, bangles in the name of "fashion and "excellence." The wise do not need to see men wearing earrings what type of man that they really are? Do you realize that some Christians never bother about their utterance? The speak anyhow, even in the pulpit. It is time that the saints of God tame our tongues over what we say. Men and women ought to discipline there tongues so as to preach and teach Christ to the great cloud of witnesses around. There is no
where in the Bible we see Jesus Christ unhygienic, abusive or uncouth. We should recall that Samson was anointed but like character. However how much anointed you may be, these "dead flies" can spoil that the Lord has poured upon us. Let us be modest ans keep those dead flies off the Lord's sacrifices. Abraham keep the birds away so that thy dis not contaminate the Lord's sacrifice (Gen 15:11) Let us start in our utterance reflect Christ, in our dress and general behavior be acceptable before the Lord, Let us take great careful how we present ourselves before the Lord. It's true we come from different societies and communities but when we get saved, we become one tribe, one language, one color, one race,etc. We should then act in the newness of our selves by renewing our self with one another, so that we can sing praises to Him as we worship Him, they may just see Christ in us, how we act, dress, and speak as we witness to the unsaved. The they will want to be in the Kingdom Of God.

  The 5 Most Shocking Things In the Bible (Matt 7:13-23)

The Bible is the greatest Book ever written, because it is the Word of God. It has many great and wonderful things like, The love of God, eternal life,  and heaven, etc. However, the Bible is also a Book filled with horror, like Sodom and Gomorrah, Satan, death, hell, etc. To me perhaps the greatest horrors in the bible have to do with Hell, in this message, I would like to share what are the 5 most shocking things in the Bible. They are shocking because they might just happen to you or someone you know. The intent of this message is to communicate to the heart and not just to the head.As you read this, let the Lord speak to your heart as we look together at the 5 most shocking things in the Bible.

1. Verse. 13, 19 That there is a place called hell. A place of Consciousness-(Luke 16:23-24)- A place of Torment-(Luke:16:23-24, 28)- A place of Darkness (Matt. 8:12)- A place of Eternal Separation. (2 Thes. 1:9)-A place of Memory and Regret (Luke 16:27-28)- A place of Intense Misery ( Matt.13:42) no, water, no children, no nothing.

2. V. 13b. That there is Population in Hell. More in Hell than in Heaven-(Isa. 5:14)-In the days of Noah, there were 8 saved out of the entire world's population. In Sodom , there were only three spared out of those cities-There are more Heathen lands than is so-called  Christian countries-40 to 1-

3.  v. 15-23 That there is a Paradox in Hell- Many who expect to make it to Heaven will actually wind up in Hell- The Rich man-(Luke 16:19-31) Lost Church Members (Actions -v.15-20; James 1:26) You may not always be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can always tell a tree by its fruit!) Even good moral people who are unsaved will go to Hell (Rom 3:23; 6:23). Perhaps the most horrible words that will ever fall on the ears of a human are those recorded in verse 23

4.That There is a Problem With Hell-The problem is might be that you will be there today- Jesus could return today (Matt 24:44)-You could sin away you day of grace- Gen. 6:3; Ex, 8;1; Hos 4:17-God said, let them alone  (Rom . 1:26,28) God gave them up. Could today be the day of your deadline?. Please don't take any foolish chances, be saved today!

5. That There Is a Permanence To Hell. Hell is eternal, no  escape, pardon or death. (Matt 26:26; Heb 6:2; Rev, 14:11).  Oh yes! the inhabitants of Hell get out, but what awaits them is worse than hell! (Rev 20:11-15) Yes Both Hell and Death were cat into the Lake of Fire. The lost will suffer for eternity while the redeemed enjoy the wonders and blessings of  that city, New Jerusalem. As the redeem are shouting around the throne of God, the lost will be screaming and gnashing their teeth in the pitch darkness of the Lake of Fire. Do you know for sure that you will  miss Hell and be with the Lord forever more. If not. you can be sure right now- (Matt 11:28; Acts 12:31; John 5:24.; John 3-16)

Suffering And the meaning of Life (Jan 23)

Hey! Listen to me!! Do you think one day God sat up and rolled his eyes, and having nothing better to do, He decided to create some miserable little human robots, and threw  him out to one of the spinning planets in the middle of a big old rock... Well?? That in reality, as life as we know it, is void, and totally without meaning. That  our pain and suffering goes unnoticed , because God is off  in a cosmic bowling alley with Michael and Gabriel. (Some thinks that might be the thunder we hear when they hit the pins) That our prayers  go from our lips to God's computer and then He  marks them spam and deletes them. Hold your tongue. Do you realize just how little we know about God?. And you should be a shame for thinking such a thing if you are! Life is a mystery and it meaning alludes. Well it does men anyway, I mean what do I know? I am just a  little guy who got a second chance. But be assured God knows the meaning of life, and when you need to know, He will tell you! He created you for a reason and a purpose.. He had plans for you since the beginning of time.. You are very special to Him, and He has loved you since you were born. That's all you need to know. You are just a passenger on God's  earth flight. You don't need to know the theory of aerodynamics!  Just sat down buckle your seat belt and hold on.  And have fun doing what God intended for you. Oh Yes! we were talking about pain and suffering and why God allows it. My question is, allow what? His pain or ours? His suffering or ours? And what is our pain and suffering compare to His? Huh? You don't think God feels pain? That God can suffer?> Oh, Good grief, read you Bible! His people rejected His message of salvation, they rejected His love, and then thay took His Son, that wonderful young man and beat Him, bruised Him, mocked Him, humiliated Him, and hung Him on a tree to die. You think God felt nothing? Shame on you! The earth didn't shake and quake just because Jesus died.I t shook because God's heart was breaking; His only begotten Son, who had never done wrong, not even once, was ripped from His arms  and slain right before His eyes. I cannot imagine the  Anguish of God's pain and broken heart. Now I know the pain of rejection  and I have lost loves ones than I loved more than life itself. I know the  hole in the heart that it leaves, that the sands of time can never fill. How much more did god suffer in His grief? Now our lives are  very limited, but God is vast. We are all His children, Do you not know that he suffers when we suffer? When we are sick and illness fills our bodies? When we fail to do or best, or worse we go out and sin? We have such a narrow view of everything. We focus in one  flower in the field. We suffer when bad things happen to  good people, forgetting that worse things happened to God. Every single stripe that was lain on Jesus' back, was a never ending wound on God's heart. he felt every one of them., just has He does when you and I suffer physical or emotional pain. Please don't think I am putting down our earthly pain and suffering, because I am Not. It is real and all consuming to us. It is like a fire that we walk through. It is part of meaning of life, God allows it, so we can know His pain, and knowing His pain bring us closer to Him. And that isa good thing. Because face it, God is the only one who can truly say to us, :I feel your pain..." and even more important He is the only one who can truly reach out to us and say.."come lte me comfort you.." Now maybe, Just maybe, Just because we  love Him, may be we should find a way to comfort Him back. Hmmm? Hey ,maybe that is the  real meaning of life. The way we do that is trust Him and obey Him

Why The Church was not sat in Order on the day of Pentecost/ 

In Matt 16: 18 Jesus said. "Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against." This Is when the Church was sat in order, and not  the Day of Pentecost.

1. It had a rule of discipline before Pentecost (Matt 18:17)

2.We read that Jesus sang in the church (Heb 2:12) The only time that Jesus ever sang, so far as we have record of it, was at the institution of the Lord's Supper (Mark 14:26). This was before Pentecost

3. They had a business meeting before the Day of Pentecost and elected a successor to take the place of Judas (Acts 1:15-26).

4. The Apostles were in the Church before the Day of Pentecost. (1 Cor 12:28) The first ones who were put in the Church were the Apostles, and this was at least 3 years before the Day of Pentecost.

5. The Church had its  commission to preach before Pentecost. (Matt 28:18-20; Mark 16:15)

6. The church had its authority to baptize before Pentecost. (John 4:2)

7. The church had the Lord's Supper before Pentecost (Matt 26:19)

8. The keys of the kingdom were given to it before Pentecost (Matt 16:19)

9. It had a Church roll before Pentecost. (Acts 1:150

10 To this Church There were about 3,000 additions on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:41). If I said that I was going to  add 1,000 rt my bank account. this would be saying  I hand an account to begin with. In view of the  fact  that 3,000 were added on the Day of  Pentecost, then we are led to believe that the Church was in existence before Pentecost.

"Let me tell you the story of my call to Pastor." Jan 12 (2015)
When  I thought I was called to Pastor, I went to the State Overseer. I felt the call to pastor. He said "I'l have to asks you some question, to which I agree. He said :Can you read?" I say "Yes, I can read readin' , but I can't read writin'. "Well do you know your Bible?" Yes, I shore do: in fact, I am pretty good in the Bible. I know it for lid to lid, kivver, kivver, and form Generations to Resolutions." He ask "What part of the Bible you like best?" Well I like the New Testmint. " "What book do you like best?" he ask. "I said I like the book of Parables." "Which of the parables do you like best? he ask.
I said the parable of the Good Cemeterian the best!. He said "well tell me about the good Samaritan." I started "Once upon a time a man went down form Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thorns and they grew up and chocked him. So he went on and din't have any money and met the Queen of Sheba who gave him a thousand talents of gold earrings and 100 chances on a horse. He got into his chariot and drive furiously and while he was driving under a tree, his hair caught among the limbs and he hung there three days and three nights. The Ravens brought him food to eat and water to drink. One night while he was hanging there, his wife came along and cut his hair, and he fell on the stony ground where it rained forty days and forty nights. He hid himself in a cave when he met a man who said "come have supper with" to whom I said, "I have married a wife and cannot come now.." So the man went into the highway and by ways and compelled him to come have supper with him. After supper, he went into Jericho and sitting in high in window was Jezebel. When see saw him, she laughed, and they flang her down from the window. And they flang her down, and they flang her down some more. They flang her down so more, until 70 times 70 and seven times more, and the fragments they picked up were 12 baskets shook down for good measure full. Now who wife is she going to be in the judgement because she brake in pieces and multiplied? Amen and Hallelujah!" The State Overseer sat in awl for  few minutes. Finally he said, "These are some thoughtful delineations you have pronounced to me. "I will recommend you to be accepted as our new pastor here out my local church, because you know your Bible form lid to lid, to Kivver, to Kivver, from Generations to Revolutions" Amen and Hallelujah!




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