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The Overseer's of The Church of God from 1903-Present
These men of God have led or are leading The Church of God into an era  of Holy Ghost "Rain."  Church, let it "Rain", pray to the Lord for an awakening and  for the flood gates of heaven to open!
Acts 2:17 Tells us that our old men shall dream dreams and our young men will have visions!

What does this mean? Three of our past four General Overseers' had  "The Dream" as to what The Church of God was going to be, the "Old Men." Now the young men are taking the church with the VISION", under the the anointing of The Holy Ghost,
as Joel prophesied of. And then in Acts the same words were spoken. Before Brother Smith had gone onto his reward in glory, through the VISION of God he led the effort of restoring the "Mount Hattin" marker in Israel  and now an even YOUNGER man anointed of God is taking The Church of God with the same Godly VISION! Let us pray for Brother Pimentel and this task that he leads the entire Church of God what she has been commanded to do!  And that is............
Move forward, "Win the lost at all cost!" . Our marker in Israel is a Biblical  realization of  "Write the vision.....make it plain!" 
Pictures: Top left: A.J.Tomlinsom, Top Middle: M.A. Tomlinson, Bottom Left: Robert Pruitt, Bottom Right: Stephen Smith, and Far right: Oscar Pimentel (current General Overseer)

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1651 Bryan Road Sumiton, Alabama
Pastor: Rick Flippo
1209 Sullivan Road Sumiton, Alabama 35148
205-648-9982 or205-285-4361

The Church of God, General Headquarters
Oscar Pimentel, General Overseer
P.O. Box 450 Charleston, Tennessee 37310
State  information
James Horne, State Overseer
P. O. Box 650
Bessemer, Alabama 35021

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A Word From The Pastor!

Our theme this 2017 year is "A Year of Prayer. We have taken June & July as a time of "Let It Rain." Prayer will cause a rain of God's power on His people. We then will be able to reach the lost, through the love of God we show, through the Christlike spirit we show. We must win the lost at all cost. The song you are listening to is called "Let It Rain.". and it so deeply says how I should feel, how we feel to win the lost. You have heard this "Talk is cheap." Well it is. We can no longer just Talk the Talk but it is time to stand up and Walk the Walk, the walk of Christ. We are to be HIS liaisons to help this world find salvation. We are to be Christ-like, thus the very meaning of a Christian. Time for the return of Savior is near, there is no time to waste. "For in an Hour you think not."
As you look at the photos above you see the past and present General Overseer's of The Church of God, 1903 to Present. God has done miracle upon miracle for The Church of God. The beauty of God's bride is so simple, so beautiful, so fantastic. It reminds me when I looked at my "Bride" in her wedding dress for the first time.....simply dynamic! We are witnessing the days of Joel. These past Overseer's have led us out of the "wilderness" and our last Overseer Brother Smith  and now our present General Overseer, Bishop Pimentel have/are preparing the Bride ready for the promised land.....The marriage supper of the lamb!
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Smiling on outside, Lost within (15 Feb)

 A "stiff upper lip," as the British call it, so  often makes the pain within.. But sometimes, God reaches inside.. On the streets one day Jesus was mobbed by people bumping, jostling, and elbowing one another in attempt to get close to this famous teacher and miracle worker. In the crowd was a middle aged woman who suffered from chronic bleeding, over the last dozen years, she had gone to the doctor after doctor, hoping that one day one of them could cure here, and in the  end, she was no better. She'd spent all her money, and was getting worse. In our day she would have had  a hysterectomy and  been done with it, but in those days no one could help
              On the outside, she was a respectable woman. Inside she felt ashamed and alone, and desperate, Why  me? ? What's the use? Is there any hope? But even still, she hoped and yearned. Of course, each of the people who crowded around Jesus that day had a need, For some it was family problems, or a son or daughter who had gone astray, some struggles with debts, and other were just plain sick. Outside, they looked normal, but inside--when they took time to think about it- many were hurting, drifting, struggling, and lost. Jesus spoke of them as sheep without a shepherd (Matt 9:36)
              But on the particular day, the hemorrhaging woman, weak as she was, would't let others get between her and Jesus. She pushed and slid and shouldered  her way until she was in reached. "If I can touch the hem of His garment, she though, I'll be healed. And she reached out and , suddenly, what she had longed for so many years happened. The bleeding stopped. Inside, she felt an unmistakable healing.
               Abruptly  the crowd that had surged along with Jesus halted because the Master himself had paused. He was looking around. As the murmuring hushed, you could hear  Him say, "Who touched me?"
" Everyone's been touching  you  Master," answered  one of the disciples. "so many people around, they can't but help to touch you."
  "Someone touched Me. " Jesus repeated. "I felt the  virtue flow from  Me." He turned and looking, searching, until His eyes met the healed woman's, and she was suddenly afraid. She fell down in front of His and poured out the whole, painful story-every hurt,  every sorrow, every doubt. And then she looked up and said through  tears of joy, "But now I am healed!"
 I can just see Jesus looking tenderly at her saying, "Daughter thy faith has made thee whole." When you go from this place, you will find peace and he healed from all disease
Listen to me right now, if you are sick, down and out and feel desperation akin to this woman's struggle, why not right now reach out to Jesus in a simple prayer.o be honest, sometimes, I feel lost inside-very empty, very lonely. Please come to me, and make me  a whole person again. Show me the path, and I'll walk it with you. Please Jesus, please, because I believe that you just don't love that woman only, but you love me too. Amen

What Brand of Duck Tape keeps you quiet about Jesus?  25 Jan 2017

There are 3 types of  "duct tape" that keeps Christian quiet about Jesus. These types of tape seek to seal our mouths shut about the good news of Jesus. Some brands are big and bold. Others are small and sticky. But they all results in the same thing..silence.
          I've been writing to older generations and teenagers to share the gospel for over 30 years. I've also had the privilege of helping others to share their faith along the way. And, as I've energized others to share the good news, I've heard many reason why Christians don't share the gospel. The vast majority could be classified into one of the three brand so invisible  duct tape.
          The "UM, I'm not sure" Duct tape: If you put microphone in the face of the average Christian leaving Church and asked, "What is the gospel?" you'd probably get a variety of answers that range from "um" to dumb. The bottom line is that, for the most part, church leaders are not doing enough gospel training. We may be committing "the sin of assumption" by assuming that the teens in our youth and adults in our churches already know the gospel because, well, they are Christians.
          But just because you own a  piano, doesn't mean you can play it. First you must learn the chords. Then you must practice. In the same way, just because we have put our faith in Jesus, doesn't mean we automatically know how to share the gospel. We must master  the chords and learn to play beautiful music of the gospel ourselves.
          The Duct Tape Of Fear: The gospel is a controversial message that can lead to rejection and ridicule. It  points to the narrow path of Jesus  who claimed to be the exclusive way to God (John 14:6), If you share this message of Jesus you could be mocked, marginalized or criticized. The same was true in Jesus' day. The Apostle John tells , "yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved human praise more than the praise from God." (John 12:42-43)
          Before we wag our finger at them, let's point it at ourselves first. This is the reason many Christian today don't " openly acknowledge their faith..." while we are not worried about being put out of the synagogue, we do worry about not being included on the invite list  ( to whatever) because of our unashamed witness for Jesus
          But overcoming this fear is a small price to pay compared to what Jesus went through when He was mocked, mutilated,and murdered in our place on the cross. If He wasn't ashamed to die for us, then we  shouldn't be ashamed to live and speak for  Him.
          The Duct Tape of lack of Interest: The is a big reason many Christian don't evangelize.  They  have other priorities doing other things and evangelism gets left in the dust, It's hard to believe but some Christian just don't care about the lost to evangelize. 
          If I could, I would make all our leaders spend 24 hours hovering over the flames of hell to see what was a stake for those who died without Jesus. The key to producing Christians who are concerned is "prayer and fasting and salvation" and breaking their hearts withe urgency of the hell that others were headed to and going through apart form Jesus Christ. A Pastor wants himself and the Church to take care of the lost person's physical needs as well as their spiritual needs (salvation). We know that, for this to happen, their hearts would have to be broken for the lost. Lack of interest has to be replaced with urgency when it  comes to evangelism.
         Whatever reasons you don't share your faith, its time to tear off the duct tape. How? Pray, count to three and rip it off. Sure, it will painful, but it will make all the difference to those around

Religion is in the head, Jesus is in the Heart Dec 31 2016

Our world is full of head religion without a heart. Jesus said it perfectly, "This people draw near unto Me with their mouths, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me." Matt 15:8. A person born again and is right with God is ruled by their heart. Soon after anyone becomes transformed person, the head and the heart will experience a certain level of conflict. The head says, I'm boss but the heart says, "No you are not , He's the boss,:and the war goes on. This is where the Church would say, "You need to be sanctified." ( Sanctification is death to the head (Adamic nature) holiness to the heart)
         The heart can know great facts about the truth and Christ, but the heart must be under His mastery before you become a transformed Christian. The bible says it plainly. "For as he thinks in his heart so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) The heart is where the claims of Jesus are established. Until the heart is involved in total surrender and all life is on the altar that soul is lost.
          Head religion alone will guarantee an empty heart. No wonder the joyful shouts have disappeared  from our churches. There is no gloom in the heart religion. A heart under Christ's saving grace is a place of happiness and blessings. It's impossible to be sad and full of Christ in the heart at the same time.  Nothing can stop a heart full of Christ and the Holy Ghost. Jesus said, "If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." (John 7:37-39)
          The independent person may have a head full of religion but they have an empty heart. The word dependent is not in the Bible. not one time. 'And He said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me.' (Luke 9:23) The secular world has filled our though life with the idea that everyone is self sufficient and subject to no one. That's the sin nature that will always end in despair, it's Satan lie!
         The head is where you think an argue but the heart is where you move out of the  alley and move onto main street. I's a miracle to see  and old alcoholic, harlot or drug addict become the prize of Christ's kingdom. It didn't happen until the head said, "Okay I give up you are my heart." The transformed heart loves good things, it has never loved before and hates things of the head. That's the new man or women with a new heart.
         The head  can never experience "Agape Love." Agape love is the product of Christ in mastery of a surrendered heart. Our world needs  love that flows out of Jesus's filled heart. Marriages are quickly healed when Christ takes charge  of two hearts. This kind of love is the greatest witness for Christ than all other words.
          Head religion can be bull-headed, stubborn, rebellious, cantankerous, and lost. Give Jesus your heart today and tell your head, the war is over, Jesus has won my heart. You have passed from death in the head to life in the heart. That he would grant you to the riches of hi glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith,; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, and to know  the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled all the fulness of God." (Eph 

The Marine and The Spider Web 28 Nov 2016

Did you realize that God can even use a spider web  to build a wall around his People?
During World War ll, a US Marine was separated from his unit on a Pacific Island. The fighting had been intense, and in the smoke and the crossfire he had got lost from his unit.
Alone in the jungle, he could hear the enemy  soldiers coming in his direction. Scrambling for cover he found his way up a high ridge to several small caves in the rock. Quickly he crawled inside one of the caves. Although safe for the moment, he realized that once the enemy soldiers starting looking for US troops would swept up the ridge, they would searched the caves and he would be captured or killed.
As he waited. he began to pray, "Lord, it it be your will, please protect. What ever is your will though, I love you and trust you.
After praying, he lay quietly listening to the enemy as they drew closer. He though, "Well the  I guess the Lord is not going to help me out of this one.."Then he saw, a spider begin to build a web over the front of the cave. As he watched, listening to the enemy searching all over the ridge, the spider began to  lay layer after layer stands of web across the opening of the cave.
 Ha! he though, "What I need is a brick wall and what the Lord has sent me is a spider web. God does have a sense of humor.
As the enemy drew nearer and nearer, he watched from the darkness of the cave and he could see the enemy searching one cave after the other. As they came to the one he was in, he got ready for his last stand. To his amazement, however, after glancing in the direction of his cave, they moved on. Suddenly he realize that with spider's web over the face of the cave, looked like no one has entered the cave for quite a while. "Lord forgive," he prayed. "forgotten that  in you a spiders' web is stronger than a brick wall."
        Yes we all face times of great trouble. When we do, it is so easy to forget the victorious That God would work in our lives, sometimes in the most surprising ways, A Nehemiah, reminded the people of Israel when they faced the task of rebuilding Jerusalem. "In Go we will have success!' (Nehemiah 2:20
Remember, whatever is  happening in your life, with God, a mere spider web can become a brick wall of protection. Believe He is with you always. Just speak His name through Jesus His son, and you will see His great power and love fro you.

Get Right for the Flight 14 Nov 2016
 Matt 24

The disciples asked Jesus when they could expect the end of the world to come. V 3. Jesus tells them of the many things that must happen in the last day v. 5-35, Then in verses 36-51. Jesus  makes a plea for men to be ready to meet Him when He does come back. The Second Coming is not one but two parts. The first part is an  event that has come to be called the "Rapture." At this time Jesus will summons His Bride-the Church to come and meet Him in the air, to go to the marriage supper of the Lamb. At this time He will raise the dead in Christ first and those who remind will meet Him in the  air. Part two will be  will take place after the Church is  at the Marriage Supper of the lamb., for seven years.(Some say 31/2. My belief is the seven years. After the the 7 years the Church will return with Jesus in His glory and power defeat his enemies and cast the Antichrist and the False prophet into the lake of fire alive. and set up His kingdom for a 1,000 years. Two me  both of these events are very important in the  eternal scope of things. How ever us who alive  as you read this, the Rapture is the up most importance. Why? Because once  the rapture takes place, if you are a Gentile you have no hope of entering the Kingdom of heaven, but suffer the  rapt  of the Antichrist. In fact the Rapture could happen as you read this, or tomorrow. therefore it is imperative that you need to understand the great need of being ready to meet the Lord when He comes
     My desire in this writing is to tell you what the  Bible teaches us about this event know as the Rapture, and in doing so, I hope to show you the importance of being ready to meet Jesus,when he calls for you.. And He Will return!. Let me write a few things to look at the Rapture and tell you what it means to " Get Right for the Flight'. 
IT WILL BE SUDDEN: 1 Cor 15:51-52. The Rapture will take place in a twinkling of an eye. A blink of an eye has been timed at  1/50th of a second. A twinkle is even faster than that! There will absolutely no time to prepare. Either a person will be ready at that instant,or he will not be ready. (Matt 25:1-13. The Bible is clear in its teaching that we are not to count on another day in which to get ready. Prov. 27:1. but that we be saved today 2 Cor.6:2. There w ill be no announcements made, no advertisement posted, the Lord will come in a split second to come for His Bride (the church) ( In the computer world there is a division called "nano=second." . The is a span of time equivalent to 1/1,000,000,ooo of a second.. If mankind and his technology can achieve this,what can the Lord with His infinite  power  do?. May I remind you that right now is the only time you have. The only time you are guaranteed. Yesterday is a cancled check, tomorrow is a promissary note. Today is the only spendable cash that you may have.
It will be Solemn. Solemn because all those not know Christ,will be left behind. Luke 17: 34-16